Muthec is a SME about twenty employees


Skill & Ressources

Humain Resources

Muthec is a SME, with a headcount of some twenty people:
  • 3 sales engineers
  • a quality manager
  • a machine and assembly shop manager
  • an electrotechnical shop manager
  • a team of fitters
  • a team of electrotechnicians
  • a team responsible for ASS, follow-up and maintenance contracts
All our technicians working in sensitive areas have the necessary qualifications. Secretarial duties and administrative management are carried out by the Holding company TECMO



Workshops: Muthec’s workshops cover an area of 1700 m² (total surface area 3000 m²): 
  • a workshop for the storage and collection of raw materials (300m²)
  • an assembly and fitting shop (900m²)
  • an electrotechnical shop (500m²)
Machine inventory: Handling
  • a 3-tonne travelling crane
  • 3 jib cranes
  • a 4-tonne fork-lift truck
atelier montage

Assembly shop

Metal processing

  • 2 guillotine shears
  • 2 pressbrakes
  • a band saw
  • 2 chainsaws
  • a punch
  • 3 drill presses
  • 5 welders MIG
  • 3 welders TIG
  • 2 positions working ARC
  • 2 die stations ZIP
  • Paint booth
  • Test Bench for the motor-driven pumps

pompe essaisthe MUTHEC test bench


Our vehicle fleet consists of:
  • a 12-tonne truck with handling arm
  • 3 vehicles equipped for ASS
  • 2 vehicles for the sales engineers

 vehicules MUTHEc's vehicle fleet